In the third installment of our Holiday Series, we’ve got some merry marketing ideas that are bound to make the holiday season more cheerful (and fruitful) for your business!

1. Holiday Rewards


People love presents! We already know the great value of loyalty programs and the importance of offering multiple, exclusive rewards. The holidays are a perfect time to change things up, try getting into the Christmas spirit by offering special festive rewards. These could be available for a limited-time only, to encourage extra December foot traffic. It’s also a great way to spread holiday cheer and meet your business goals.


2. Holiday Perks (i.e free gift wrapping or free shipping)


Perks are a great way to add value for your customers. Holiday perks like free gift wrapping, free shipping, or an extra small gift with purchase will encourage people to buy from your business and build goodwill with your brand. Perks can be used to achieve a variety of different business goals. Want to increase overall spend? Set a purchase limit (free bag with $50 purchase). Want to increase marketing and word of mouth? Create little branded gifts or freebies for people to enjoy or give to their friends.


3. Holiday Cards


Holiday cards are a thoughtful, inexpensive, and effective way to strengthen your relationship with those you care about – including your customers! By sending your customers a quick email, app notification, card or message, you can communicate with them to remind them that you appreciate their business and wish them a lovely holiday season. Additionally, you can add special offers, deals, or little gifts to these messages if that fits with your business goals.


4. Special Sales


Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years – there’s unlimited opportunities to through special sales. You can jump onto an existing sale day like Black Friday, set up an anti-sale like REI’s #optoutside campaign, or create something entirely new!


5. Holiday Giveaway


What a better way to create buzz and holiday spirit than with a holiday giveaway? Giveaways suit a wide variety of different business models – whether you’re a retailer, cafe, gym, or pet shop, giveaways can make people feel special. Giveaways also increase word of mouth exposure and can introduce customers to new products they didn’t know they needed. Giveaways can be simple freebies, gamified competitions, or incentives to make a purchase.


6. Donate to Charity


Holidays can be a tight-time for people financially, especially those less-fortunate. Holding food drives, toy collections, pay it forward initiatives, or other donating and fundraising activities are awesome ways to do some extra good during the holiday season.


7. Cross-promote


Everyone’s getting together for the holidays! Why not join forces with other local businesses to make the holiday season a success? Whether it’s sharing rewards, creating a joint events or marketing campaign, cross-promotions are a fun, creative way to market at any time of year.


8. Get Featured


Don’t forget to tell people about all of the amazing things you are doing this holiday season. Perks, events, giveaways, specials, shout it from the rooftops! There’s a number of way to get free and paid coverage which can help get the word out and increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities.


9. Write Gift Guides


Content marketing is an important element of any marketing strategy. If you’ve got a great product, service or initiative, including it in a gift-guide or other holiday-themed article can be an easy way to connect with potential customers. It’s important to remember, these articles should NOT be advertorial in nature, it’s not a written sale pitch for your business- but rather genuinely unique and helpful content for your target audience.


10. Host a Christmas Party


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party? No matter the type of business, Christmas parties are a great way to connect with the community. Whether it’s live music at a blow-out sale, drinks and nibbles after hours, or an event for mums and bubs, Christmas parties let you get to know your customers (they also get to know you!) which increases goodwill, overall sales, and customer loyalty.


The holiday season is extra busy for some and a little slow for others– but using a mix of these marketing activities can help you achieve your business goals.