Birthdays are the best! They are happy days of celebration and better yet, EVERYONE has one. For businesses, birthdays are a phenomenal way to build relationships with your customers and boost revenue. Implementing a birthday club is a highly effective tool for increasing sales and profits.


What is a Birthday Club?

A birthday club is a key part of a loyalty program—in exchange for signing up as a loyal member of your business, customers receive special messages, rewards or gifts from your business on their birthday!


Why Are Birthday Clubs So Good for Business?


  1.    Extra Revenue

Not only are people celebrating their birthday more likely to treat themselves and splurge for the occasion, birthday guests usually bring a group! Celebrations with friends and family mean bigger tabs or purchases, which means increased sales for you! Hip hip hooray!


  1.    Create loyal customers

Everyone has a birthday—and most people love receiving thoughtful messages and special offers! A birthday is a perfect excuse for you to reach out to a one-off customer and encourage them to come back and celebrate with you!


  1.    New (Happy) Customers

By incentivizing customers to celebrate their birthday with your business, they’ll encourage their friends to come to your business as well! Plus, when they have a good experience at your business, they’re more likely to talk about how awesome you are…


  1.    Boost Word of Mouth

By communicating with your customers on their birthday, you’re creating an awesome customer experience that people will want to talk about. Surprising someone with a personalized birthday offer makes them feel special and strengthens their relationship with your business. Chances are they’ll tell their friends (and probably even bring them into your venue!)

So a birthday club gets your business more customers, coming in more often, spending more, and having a great time! Birthdays club is the gift that just keeps on giving!


How do I set up a birthday club?

Typically, a birthday club requires lots of time and effort collecting emails, creating marketing materials, drafting birthday messages, advertising, and more. But with Rewardle, all you have to do is activate our birthday feature,* and choose the reward you’d like to offer to your customers on their birthday. It’s super simple and included with your Rewardle subscription!


What type of reward should I offer?

Including a reward or special offer with your birthday message is crucial for getting the most out of your birthday club. The type of reward you’ll want to include will vary based on your business type and cost margins but generally you’ll want these rewards to work for your business. A birthday reward should be fun, simple, and most importantly encourage a speedy visit to your business – with friends!


For example, a café may offer a free muffin or pastry as customers will generally buy their regular morning coffee anyway. A restaurant  might offer a free bottle of bubbles for any birthday booking made for a table of 6, plus dessert for the birthday boy/girl. A hair salon may offer a 2 for 1 blow out deal to encourage clients to visit with a friend before the special occasion.


The Rewardle Success Team is always available to help you identify a memorable birthday offer that will make your customers feel extra special and also benefit your business.


*To activate your birthday club, just log into your Rewardle admin page. If you need assistance setting up your birthday club, don’t hesitate to contact your Success Team at or 03 8593 4173.