Why Retail Companies Are Struggling: There Are Fewer Shoppers Going Inside

Fewer people are heading into shopping centres and more and more online stores are popping up every day…but that doesn’t mean bricks and mortar businesses are becoming obsolete. There’s “still a place for the physical store yet these need to be adapted to become more experiential which will drive people into stores.” Contact our success team to find out how your Rewardle System can be leveraged to keep your business thriving.

Petrol, Mobile Phone, Health Insurance Costs Put Retailers on Edge

“With the fight for the retail dollar intensifying, any changes in fuel prices, mobile phone contracts and the April 1 health insurance levy rises, have put retailers on edge to come up with new ways of enticing consumers to spend.” Rewardle systems take some of that pressure off by offering a full range of technologies and digital marketing tools to help you grow and stay competitive in your business. 

Cafe Culture is In, Pizza Delivery is Out

Lattes are in, sneaky late-night pizzas are out and mono-eaters are on the rise – these are some of the biggest changes to Australian eating habits over the past 10 years, a new survey shows. Read the full article for more interesting figures, released by Roy Morgan Research, on the current food trends and consumer eating habits that could prove helpful for your business.

Barbers Give the Corner Shop A New Lease on Life

It’s been a close shave for the corner shop in Australia for many years, but now it’s found an unlikely saviour – a whole new generation of men in search of exactly that kind of grooming. The surging appetite for ‘manscaping’ is now revitalising retail strips throughout the country, but especially on the eastern seaboard, where the number of barbers’ shops has increased an estimated tenfold in the past five years.