How to reach people not on social media

It’s worth noting that, according to statistics web site Statista, there are plenty of people who don’t use social media. Its figures suggest 45 per cent of Australians don’t engage with social media – so that’s 10.7 million people. If you can’t get to this group through social media, how do you get in front of them? [Alexandra Cain asks] Judy Sahay, a director of digital marketing consultancy Crowd Media, this question.

GetSwift signs partnership with Commonwealth Bank to offer merchants logistics system

ASX-listed logistics company GetSwift has today announced the signing of a multi-year partnership with Commonwealth Bank (CBA) that will see its software integrated into the bank’s Albert POS system. This will allow any vendor using the point-of-sale system to essentially become a delivery-ready store, with GetSwift automatically queueing, batching, routing, and dispatching the delivery of any products purchased through an Albert POS.

“Would You Like Fries With That?” The Real Strategy Behind the Upsell

To grow and succeed, local businesses need to either acquire more customers, have those customers visit more often, increase the amount they spend or increase profit margins on products and services. Upselling is a crucial factor in getting customers “spending more” and increasing revenue for your business. But what are the most efficient ways for a small business to achieve a good upsell trend? At what point can an upsell strategy be too invasive?