TripAdvisor Study Shows Room for Growth in Restaurant Marketing

The study finds there a huge disconnect between what venues could and should be doing and what’s actually being done. The Rewardle system give time-poor merchants a solution. No need to be overwhelmed at the thought of marketing– increase your marketing and enhance your business with our digital system and dedicated support and success teams! 

Shopify Redesigns POS as Part of Focus on Bricks-and-Mortar Merchants

‘“Our new look and feel for Shopify POS ensures that you can sell to customers anywhere, on any device,” Shopify wrote in a blog post. “We know that selling in store, at a pop-up shop, or at markets can be challenging, so your point-of-sale system should be seamless. That leaves more time for you to focus on providing your customer with an amazing experience.”’

Here’s How Amazon Gets You to Buy More Stuff

“Loyalty programs can bring repeat business and give you a great source of data about what your customers are buying. But to be successful, you have to offer substantial value from the customer’s viewpoint…many customers are feeling overloaded with loyalty cards, punch cards, and key ring tags, so structure your program so customers don’t have to carry anything with them if they don’t want to.”   By using the Rewardle App and Loyalty system for your business, you’re already make the same smart moves as Amazon! Find out what which of the retail giant’s other clever marketing tactics can work for your small business, too.

Are You Using the Rewardle for Business App?

At Rewardle we’re always working hard to support the success of small business. The Rewardle Blog is just one example of how we’re helping time-poor merchants save time and get easy access to important information for their business. The Rewardle for Business App takes it one step further and puts the power of the Rewardle system into your hand…get the most out of your Rewardle system on-the-go!