Qantas frequent flyer program turning into airline’s biggest money spinner

A once-unwanted Qantas Airways division with no planes or passengers is turning into the Australian airline’s biggest money spinner. Qantas’ frequent-flyer business, earmarked for sale at least twice, has delivered consistent growth since the airline’s historic loss in 2012. Now chief executive officer Alan Joyce is hatching more ambitious plans for his most profitable unit.

How to reach people not on social media

It’s worth noting that, according to statistics web site Statista, there are plenty of people who don’t use social media. Its figures suggest 45 per cent of Australians don’t engage with social media – so that’s 10.7 million people. If you can’t get to this group through social media, how do you get in front of them? [Alexandra Cain asks] Judy Sahay, a director of digital marketing consultancy Crowd Media, this question.

Budget 2017: Small business celebrates win on tax break

A popular tax write-off scheme for small businesses will be extended for another year in a significant win from the Budget for the sector. The government has faced overwhelming calls to extend the scheme which allows small businesses to write off purchases up $20,000 instantly for tax purposes and was due to finish in June.  The budget saw this scheme extended for another year.

A Smart SMB’s Guide to Rewards

We all know and love the feeling of that “Free Coffee” loyalty reward in the morning, but we tend not to think too much about it. The diminishing returns of rewarding a consumer’s good spending behaviour at your business comes in the form of complacency – we eventually come to expect the reward, and when it is removed – the consumer takes action.