GetSwift signs partnership with Commonwealth Bank to offer merchants logistics system

ASX-listed logistics company GetSwift has today announced the signing of a multi-year partnership with Commonwealth Bank (CBA) that will see its software integrated into the bank’s Albert POS system. This will allow any vendor using the point-of-sale system to essentially become a delivery-ready store, with GetSwift automatically queueing, batching, routing, and dispatching the delivery of any products purchased through an Albert POS.

Age of the App: Why Rewardle Mobile App users are so valuable

It’s a wondrous time for technology. Something that even twenty years ago would have been a page from Science Fiction has become reality: the interconnectedness of everyone by one simple device. It is no surprise that such a powerful tool like the Smartphone has been a focus for businesses – communication and data are the key instruments to a business’s success, and the reliability of mobile apps to provide both is a crucial element in this. Whether you are a current Rewardle merchant or looking into digital customer engagement systems, getting your customers on the Rewardle app will help you make the most out of your loyalty and marketing platform.

5 Strategies to Build Customer Relationships

Attracting customers to your business is an important first step, but it’s hardly the end of the road. When it comes to building a successful business, retaining and building strong relationships with customers is essential. Customer loyalty programs will help, but there’s far more you can do to connect with and leave a strong impression on your patrons. Here are a few important steps you can take to improve relations with your customers and keep them happy, loyal and always coming back for more.