Often the weather can mean the difference between being flat out, or closing up shop early. The problem isn’t a new one – for centuries business has relied on certain weather patterns for increased productivity. Even with a smart prediction system, particular jumps in weather can be catastrophic for businesses, and many even acknowledge this in their risk analyses.

The problem, however, isn’t the weather itself – the problem here is communication. People are creatures of habit – if customers are continually going to your coffee shop or boutique to buy a particular thing, they won’t think about your other products or services unless reminded. Communication is where your Rewardle system works wonders.

We spoke earlier about a car wash service that recently used their App Notification feature to increase their revenue on an unusually slow day. By utilising this same notification feature, your business can come out on top.

A coffee shop in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD (where the weather is notorious for its mood swings) was having a particularly bad run during a series of 40-degree days. Not a single caffeine-addicted soul could have digested even a semi-cold cup of joe, this day. However, the cafe knew this and had already set up a special on their iced coffees – a special that no-one knew about because nobody was coming to the shop to get their coffee.

So how did they overcome this? The cafe sent out a push notification to their member base via their Rewardle system, which resulted in one of the busiest afternoons of that summer (granted, this was $2 Iced Coffees, who could turn that offer down!). These stories are starting to sound familiar – and they should be. The businesses that are smart about the way they use their communications tools are the ones that see results and longevity.

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