Instagram Gives Email-Like Messaging Tools To Business

There is no good way to coyly contact businesses on Instagram. If you write a comment in a post, everybody can see it. And do you really want to be known as the woman who ordered a bunny potty cake? Moreover, since the business doesn’t follow you, it doesn’t get alerts if you send a direct message—and so your attempt will likely end up in the dreaded “pending” folder.

How augmented and virtual reality will reshape the food industry

Augmented reality content can be found on everything from wine bottles to IKEA’s catalog and virtual reality experiences are much more detailed, with rich layers of interactivity from hand controllers to gaze triggers, and a VR film has even won an Oscar. With Apple and Google both debuting augmented reality platforms (ARKit and ARCore, respectively), Facebook heavily invested in its Oculus headset and Amazon unveiling augmented shopping features, AR and VR is primed to change many parts of our everyday lives.