Google’s “mobile-first” update is coming – how you can avoid getting hit

“This just in from the World Wide Web – Google is rolling out a new algorithm update that could see mobile-friendly website appearing higher in Google’s search results than desktop-only websites. The update will rank webpages based on the quality of their mobile content, so if your mobile content isn’t up to scratch (or your website isn’t optimised for mobile after all), your ranking in the search results could get hit, along with your website traffic, website enquiries and website conversions as a result.” Not to worry! Rewardle can help you get your business website built and optimised to keep you discoverable and competitive. 

WhatsApp announces free Business app, will charge big enterprises

WhatsApp is gearing up to finally monetize its messaging app by charging large enterprise businesses for tools to better communicate with customers. WhatsApp will also offer a free app to small-to-medium sized businesses, though it hasn’t outlined the specific functionality of the app. The enterprise solution will allow global companies “to provide customers with useful notifications like flight times, delivery confirmations, and other updates”.

Are You Using the Rewardle for Business App?

At Rewardle we’re always working hard to support the success of small business. The Rewardle Blog is just one example of how we’re helping time-poor merchants save time and get easy access to important information for their business. The Rewardle for Business App takes it one step further and puts the power of the Rewardle system into your hand…get the most out of your Rewardle system on-the-go! 

Age of the App: Why Rewardle Mobile App users are so valuable

It’s a wondrous time for technology. Something that even twenty years ago would have been a page from Science Fiction has become reality: the interconnectedness of everyone by one simple device. It is no surprise that such a powerful tool like the Smartphone has been a focus for the industry – communication and data are the key instruments to a business’s success, and the reliability of mobile apps to provide both is a crucial element in this. Whether you are a current Rewardle merchant or looking into digital customer engagement systems, getting your customers on the Rewardle app will help you make the most out of your loyalty and marketing platform.