Get festive this season with these simple ideas for building holiday cheer (and buzz!) around your business.


Send Holiday Cards


Whether via email or app notification, sending a holiday greeting is a lovely way to interact with your customers. It’s a thoughtful, unexpected surprise, spreads holiday cheer, strengthens your relationship with your customers, and encourages positive word of mouth about your business.


Rewardle Tip: Use your system to send out emails and app notifications or put special holiday messaging on your tablet!




Deck the halls! Spread holiday cheer and draw attention to your business with a few fun holiday-themed changes. Starbucks famously turns their coffee cups red each year while big department stores like Macy’s and Myer are famous for their elaborate and creative Christmas window displays. Having staff wear santa hats, putting up a small tree, spreading “snow,” passing out candy canes, or stringing up lights are all easy, cheap ways to inject some holiday magic into your business.


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Hire live musicians or DJs


Want to take things to the next level? Adding live music is a great way to enhance your customers’ experience at your business. Live music or DJs are great ways to attract customers into your business and keep them around for longer, no matter what type of business you are. Salons, gyms, bars, cafes, retails shops, barbers and more can all benefit from a fun, lively musical addition to the customer experience.


Rewardle Tip: Use your Rewardle system to communicate with your customers about any special holiday happenings going on at your business.


Hosting an event or party


If you’ve got the music and the decorations, you’re pretty much throwing a party anyway! Holiday parties are another epic way to get people into your store, strengthen customer relationships, spread word of mouth, and make more sales (especially if customers bring friends and family along)! Hosting a party or event can create a positive holiday atmosphere and take the stress out of holiday shopping or running errands for customers around this time of year. This will lead to more sales, higher purchase totals, and overall better business!


Rewardle Tip: Got lots of people coming in to your store? Don’t forget to use your system to build your database and collect your customer’s information so you can communicate with them all year round.


Gift Giving


As with thoughtful holiday wishes or regular loyalty rewards, holiday gifts can really work wonders for your business. Again, it creates a happy, memorable experience for your customer which strengthens your connection with them and their loyalty to you! They tell their friends and family who often become your loyal customers as well. Giving a small holiday gift can also draw attention to your special offers, events, parties, and encourage more foot traffic, more sales, and higher spends again.


Rewardle Tip: Your Rewardle rewards system can be updated and customised at any time. Add a special holiday reward or promotion to your tablet for the festive season.


Your Rewardle system is a small and mighty holiday tool! To find out more about using your system to get your business in the holiday spirit, get in touch with our Success Team at or 03 8593 4173.