Our success team takes you through the in and outs of word of mouth marketing: what it is, why its so important, and how businesses can actually take control of the conversation to increase sales! 

What is word of mouth marketing?

Word of mouth marketing is the original social media. People talk to each other, especially about the things they love. The cozy coffee shop on the corner with the cute barista, the awesome fitness studio that just opened, the reliable convenient family-run car wash, the barber who’s been working hair magic for 50 years…humans are social by nature and talk about fantastic stuff and great treatment from companies they like. This creates a ‘halo effect’, whereby the consumer becomes an advocate for your company and products and services.

Take control of the conversation.

It’s a common misconception that merchants can’t do much to control their word of mouth except offer good products and customer service. But businesses can and should take an active role in their word of mouth marketing to enhance their exposure (and therefore, sales!). According to Forbes word of mouth marketing can improve your effectiveness of your marketing by up to 54%. That’s massive!

Go on…

Word of mouth marketing can be broken down into two parts. First, giving people a reason to talk about your business; think great customer service, fun staff, interesting products or services, rewards programs, promotions, competitions. As an awesome small business and a Rewardle merchant, you’ve already got most of that covered. Your loyalty program lets you build trust with your customers and keep them happy with fun rewards, app notifications, special emails, and competitions. The second part of word of mouth marketing is where most businesses can really do more to support their exposure, by making it substantially easier for patrons to talk about your business.

How can I improve my word of mouth marketing?

Build Trust: We know you’ve got a great business, use your Rewardle system to create a loyal following and build relationships with people who like or love your business. Since these patrons will tell others how great your business is, you’ll actually be building trust with their entire networks. According to a Nielsen report, 84% of consumers say that they trust recommendations from family, friends and colleagues. Exponential increase in sales, anyone?

Make People Happy: There’s a lot of ways to make people happy. Serving a latte in an avocado, sending a monday-morning joke to patrons via the Rewardle app, offering double point happy hours, or just providing consistently high quality products and excellent customer service can do the trick. Send targeted emails with offers for products or events that you know your customers will enjoy. Keep things fresh, fun, and interesting. And when things go wrong, you can keep people from getting upset…if you have to close unexpectedly, can’t take credit cards for the day, or something else you can’t see coming… you can get on the front foot and communicate with your members before they show up to your business annoyed or disappointed. Smiles all around.

Encourage: Make it substantially easier for patrons to talk about your business– a funny email can be forwarded with just a click , a two-for-one offer gets people to bring in friends, referral campaigns incentivise patrons to spread the word, social media posts people let people tag their friends or share with their network in seconds– all of these are great ways to things businesses can do to foster positive word of mouth about themselves.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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