At Rewardle we’re always working hard to support the success of small business. The Rewardle Blog is just one example of how we’re helping time-poor merchants save time and get easy access to important information for their business. The Rewardle for Business App takes it one step further and puts the power of the Rewardle system into your hand…get the most out of your Rewardle system on-the-go! 


What you can do with the Rewardle for Business app:

• View all your stats and analytics

• Send out app notifiications

• Manage your rewards

• Create chalkboard messages

• Get in touch with Rewardle Support

• Have a digital merchant keycard ready

• Check your device status


Where Can I Get the Rewardle for Business App?

You can download the Rewardle for Business App for free on the Play or App stores via the buttons below



How Do I Use the Rewardle for Business App?

We’ve done our best to make a simple, easy to use app packed with as many features as possible. Check out the handy guides below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Success Team via 03 8593 4173 or