The second installment of our three-part website blog series explores the aspects of a website that provide the most value to local businesses. Why does your business need a website at all? Find out here.


Information and imagery are two very simple, yet powerful aspects of a website. These elements are the most effective and important in getting value for your business from a website.



A website can easily communicate important, relevant information to existing customers and those potential customer undertaking an information search. So information is key – a website is of no use to a browser if they do not know what key goods or services the business provides, or are unable to gain the business’ location or key contact details (email, phone number, social).



A website should be an extension of your business—it’s important to have a clean, simple site that demonstrates your personality, identity, look/feel of your business and gives customers a clear picture of your business (literally!) Having a few professional, high-res photos on the site can really paint a picture, and help customers feel like they relate to that business, or that it fits in with their lifestyle (or aspirational lifestyle).


Along with nice photos, the best website designs utilise ‘white space’. That is, enough blank area to ensure that the most important aspects of your website aren’t lost in the crowd. Consistency is also critical in website design; eg. same font throughout (or only 2 fonts total) and a simple colour palette (ideally with only one or two colours max + plus neutrals/white/grays/black).  


This colorful infographic by Michael Hartzell  provides some in-depth facts and figures that can help make your website extra powerful.



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