A quick guide to understanding bundle deals and how they can benefit your business! 

What is bundling?


Bundling is the concept of selling multiple products, services, or items together as a single, combined purchase. Common bundle offers come from insurance agencies (home, car, and life insurance all in one!), telecommunications companies (bundle your internet, phone, and TV!), fast food chains (supersize combo meal, anyone?), buy one-get one deals from retail stores,


Why are bundles good for business?


Bundles are an awesome way to boost business because they support the main pillars of business growth! Here’s a breakdown of all the benefits of bundle offers:


More customers

Bundle offers can appeal to people who haven’t yet visited or purchased from your business. Maybe they’ve liked you on facebook or instagram and joined your Rewardle program, but haven’t made their first purchase yet. These special deals encourage people to try your business for the first time. They are also useful for getting your regulars to tell their friends (yay word of mouth!) about the special offer.


Coming back from more

You’ve got your customers, new and regular, but wouldn’t it be great if they were coming in more often? It would certainly be good for business! Pre-payment has been proven to drive visit frequency and help customers form new habits. So buying a bundle offer (for example, 10 coffees for the price of 8) gets people in the routine of getting their coffee at your cafe, which means they’ll be stopping buy more often than usual.


Spending more

When you’ve got more customers, coming back more often, the next step for growth is to increase their spending. Although you are typically offering discounted products in a bundle deal, you are encouraging purchases of a higher value than a customer might normally have bought.


Competitive edge

Get a leg up on the competition by using your Rewardle system to offer your bundle deals. With this new feature you can send automated offers direct to the smart phones and inboxes of your customers 24/7. With a bundle deal, you not only lock in the sale before they even reach your shop but you secure that customer’s business for that week, month, or quarter, depending on the type of bundle. They’ll have purchased from you before they even have time to think about your competition!


Extend your reach

With Rewardle’s suite of automated marketing tools, you can make sales outside of your regular trading hours and way beyond your shop premises. You don’t have to rely on that chalkboard outside your window to do all the work– use that to market to foot traffic, and let your Rewardle bundle offer market to all your prospective and past patrons while they are at work, on the bus, at home, or anywhere!


Forward cash flow

Every small business owner knows the pains of cash flow. Bundles are essentially a pre-pay purchase option. Don’t wait for redemption — payment is upfront. So you can breath a bit easier knowing you’ve made a sale and got the money in the bank.


No risk

There’s no risk to using the new Rewardle Bundle’s feature. The 15% service fee is only paid when an offer is sold, so we only get paid if our feature works for you! Plus our expert Success Team can help you construct a deal that’s best for your business and appealing to your customers.


How can I offer a bundle deal to my customers?


Simply log in to merchants.rewardle.com, click through the tab “Marketing Campaigns” and select the option to enable “Bundles”.

You are completely in control of your offer, the price, and any terms and conditions important to your business.


If you’d like help from a real person to step you through the process, contact our Success Team at 03 8593 4173 or success@rewardle.com.