Digital innovation is at the forefront of every business. New developments in technology affect how we communicate, learn, travel, shop, and pay everyday. It’s important to understand how new technologies improve your business and how you can leverage them to be even more successful!

That’s where we come in.


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Cashless payments have been on the minds of consumers and business owners alike with the launch of new mobile payment apps and a decline in ATM withdrawals overall. Even the Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the introduction of a new product, the New Payments Platform, that will make cashless payments even easier.


Why embrace cashless payments?


As a business owner, it’s important to stay up-to-date with what customers need and want. In this case, patrons are using cash less and less, so it’s crucial that businesses adapt to this trend by accepting cashless payments with minimal barriers to purchase. Some businesses may worry about the financial burden of going cashless because of transaction fees. But accepting cash only or imposing minimum spend limits can actually be harmful, with businesses losing up to 40% of their business due to inconvenience


Cashless payments are quick, easy, and convenient– faster queues mean more customers served and hassle-free transactions mean more happy customers! Going digital means no handling germ-y money, counting cash boxes, or spending time reconciling mismatched reports. Plus cashless payments are safe and secure– reducing your risk of theft or break-ins.


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