In the first installment of our Website Series, we dive into the top 5 reasons why a local business no matter what type or size should absolutely have a website.


Every business should have a polished, professional, easy to navigate, and well maintained website. In fact, 97% of small business owners would recommend having a website to other small businesses!** Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why your business should have a website…



9 out of 10 consumers use the internet to look for local goods or services and research a purchase.**  Simply, if you do not have a website, your chances of being found when customers search online is significantly reduced. This decreases the odds of new customers discovering your business and increases the odds they’ll go to a competitor. 88% of small businesses agree a website make it easier for customers to find them.**



A website is often the first exposure a customer will have to your business. Putting up a clean, simple, informative site that accurately represents your business will help attract customers with whom you can start a long-lasting commercial relationship! 77% of small businesses feel a website is a great way to find customers and 92% of consumers prefer to get information from a businesses website over a social media page.** Furthermore, The web address you purchase for your business can also be used as a professional-looking, company branded email address. All this means having a website can do wonders for finding customers and encouraging them to start a loyal, trusting relationship with your business.



A clean, smart, professional website gives your business credibility and establish trust with prospective customers. A website is often not just a customer’s first impression of a business, but also a last point of influence making in a buyer’s decision-making process, even for bricks and mortar shops. A recent study showed 64% of consumers buy from businesses they can contact online and 65% of consumers regard a company branded email as more credible than a business using a generic email account.** Boost your credibility by owning your own website (Bonus! you can use this domain to create professional emails addresses), displaying beautiful images of your business, products or services, and even adding positive testimonials or customer reviews.



64% of people read 1 to 5 reviews of a local business before deciding whether they would visit that business.* Without a website, you may have to rely solely on these review websites or other directories to represent your business online. This press may be good or bad (if available at all) and may not accurately represent your business. Every business has a unique identity and story to tell. Make sure the time, energy, and careful thought you’ve put into building your business isn’t lost—a website is an opportunity to tell the story behind your business through imagery, colour, font, and content.



A website is an uninterrupted, direct, communication and marketing channel for your business. With a simply designed website, users can easily access important information such as your contact details, location, phone number, opening hours, menu or product/service pricing, positive reviews and testimonials. Furthermore, you can boost the prevalence and effectiveness of your social media channels, bolster your marketing databases by embedding your social feed and get feedback from customers with embedded social media feeds, sign up pop ups and feedback forms. Websites complement the services provided by the Brick and Mortar store through table bookings, online ordering, product information, data collection and more.  

And all of this can happen at any time–  even when your shop is closed!



Consumers search the web for information when making a decision about purchasing from a small business or reserving a table at a particular restaurant. If a business doesn’t have a website it doesn’t even exist in the search. The business doesn’t get a chance to be seen or considered at all, but it’s competitors do. It could be as simple as a loyal customer needing some information about what time your business closes, your phone number, or if you have the product they need.

Without this information readily available, it’s easy for competitors to swoop in. Plus, 84% of consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one with only a social media page and 92% of consumers prefer to get information from a businesses website over a social media page** so the get the edge over your competitors by making sure you’ve got a business webpage.


The Time is Now!

81% of small businesses believe a website helped grow their business**– so what are you waiting for?! If you don’t have a professional, clear, clean, beautiful website for your business, get in touch and we can help you get one set up.


To find out more about creating or redesign a website, get in touch with our Success Team at or 03 8593 4173.



*Sensis Social Media Report 2017 

**Verisign survey 2015